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  • Deluxe Room

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Hotel Abshar has a first class restaurant, which serves exquisite dishes from various cuisine of the world. We maintain high standards in quality of food, and provide impeccable service to all visiting customers...

About Kashmir

Gar firdaus ae baruhe zamin ast
Hamin astu hamin astu hamin ast
Kashmir is situated at the extreme north of India. Kashmir is known all over the world as "The Paradise On Earth". You will find people themselves have a natural charm, always friendly and helpful. You enter a new civilization of gentleness beauty and peace, with all the modern amenities of accommodation and transport and much more that you will discover for yourself...

About Pahalgam

95 km. east of Srinagar, 2400 mt. above sea level popular holiday resort. It is called “Shepherds village” at the head of the Lidder valley. Best place for trout fishing. Apart from angling, Pahalgam is also known as the starting point for trekking. Pilgrims route to Amarnath Cave...